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Harvesting the riches of the universe.

HFMC is exploiting an anticipated $30B space minerals market through an innovative retrieval and delivery system using a hybrid crew-robotic spacecraft for loitering target-of-opportunity deep space operations including asteroid mining, satellite repair, resupply, and rapid response and rescue operations. 


We are leveraging space flight heritage commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products and our own innovative proprietary technology to build robotic and crewed asteroid mining spacecraft and related infrastructure systems.

Land Mining

Asteroid Mining addresses the greatest issues of our time: resource depletion, pollution, climate change, energy demand, and space defense.

High Frontier Mining Corp. is dedicated to tackling the biggest issues facing humanity today. Resource depletion, pollution, climate change, energy demand, and space defense: all of these concerns can be addressed through asteroid mining. As pioneers in the field, we’re eager to capitalize on the latest technology and techniques to push the boundaries of what is possible in space exploration.

Our vision is to create the first crewed deep-space space mining company.

With HFMC-1, we intend to deliver astronauts to a Lagrange orbit in between the Earth and Moon where a crewed HFMC spacecraft can loiter in the operational theater and intercept low-delta V transiting asteroids to be captured, processed, and delivered to either the NASA Lunar Gateway or to awaiting commercial cargo tugs for return to Earth orbit.

VR Space Shuttle

By incorporating a human element into the largely robotic and autonomous systems architecture, the operation gains added resiliency and operational redundancy.

We intend to enter into anchor tenancy agreements with select commercial LEO space stations for docking rights enabling regular crew rotations, access to storage, and to support our material processing modules.

Over time, we will launch and operate permanent infrastructure at the Earth-Moon Lagrange points to increase the industrial processing of ever larger quantities of capture asteroids to support increased industry demand as large-scale infrastructure projects needed by a robust cis-lunar economy.

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